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Nissan Murano dent removed without painting or condo

In today’s post we’re going to be showing you the process we use to remove a dent at Dentless Touch. This video should give you a good understanding of what we can do here at Dentless Touch, and if you want to find more videos like this, subscribe to our channel at the link below. You can find what tools we used towards the end of the post, and check out our YouTube video for a demonstration.

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So to begin with, we needed to visually check the vehicle. The Nissan Murano seen in the video showed a pretty challenging dent. Because this dent was on the rear door of the vehicle, we needed to remove the rear trim panel from inside the vehicle using specialized tools to make the impact of the dent visible from the opposite side of the rear door.

Next we used an Elimadent Suction Cup Mount to place a heat gun aimed directly at the dent. This provided a constant 160 degrees of heat to help make the panel more malleable. We also used an Elimadent Suction Cup Light with a Root Beer Reflection Lens to make the dent more visible.

We then used a Dent Dial 22” Heavy-Duty Bar with a Dent Dial Everyday Tip to push and roll the dent out using the leverage that these curved bars can create. This requires a lot of back and forth to target the right area and was the most time-consuming part of the process.

Finally we used a combination of a Shane Jacks Blending Tool and a rubber mallet to tap out the remainder of the dent and smooth the surface to a neat finish. And after replacing the door card the process was complete, overall this dent came out a lot better than expected.

If you’re interested in buying or taking a look at the tools used in this video, you can find them at the below links:

1. 20″ Ultra Cordless Rechargeable 18v LED Mini Light –

2. Dent Dial 22” Heavy Bar –

3. Dent Dial Everyday Tip –

4: Elimadent Claw Suction Cup Mount –

5. Shane Jacks Blending Tool –


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