The PDR WORKSHOP is an introduction to the Paintless Dent Repair industry. It is the missing link from other schools because we all know you can not learn this craft in two weeks. So why pay more than what you need.

Yes, after training, we do strongly recommend further at home practice.

We will require closed toed shoes

Any glasses if you wear them

Contact solution if you wear contacts

We feel it is Very important but with enough practice can also be mastered over time.

Anyone with the determination and the will power to learn. Paintless Dent Repair requires many hours of practice.

Yes. A trainee will receive a certification after they have completed each phase of the PDR WORKSHOP.

Every dent is different and will require its own unique approach every time. There are a couple of tools that are necessary to complete a repair and up to the technician to decide which tool will be the best for that application.

Everyone person is different when it comes to Mastering PDR. Paintless Dent Repair is a skill that requires massive amounts of continued practice. It is up to the trainee to continue their education outside of the PDRWORKSHOP.

Yes there will be tools provided during in training.

Tools will also be available for purchase after training is complete or would like to purchase before advanced training.