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What to look for in a Paintless Dent Repair Facility.

What to Look for in a Paintless Dent Repair Facility.

Selecting a dent repair shop can seem like a daunting task.  Car repairs can sometimes be a time-consuming process and knowing what to look for when selecting a service provider isn’t always straightforward.  With this being the case, let’s cut straight to the point:  there are a lot of opinions circulating today as to what qualifies a dent repair shop as quality.  But, at Dentless Touch, we believe that quality service is embodied by professionalism, experience, and a commitment to the customer.  We wouldn’t recommend for you to look for anything less when seeking dent repair services.     

Professionalism is at the top of the list when seeking dent repair services.  What you should be looking for is a shop that listens to what you need and then provides relevant services that fit your criteria.  A quality dent repair shop will listen first and then provide valuable insight as to the best solution.  Be sure to ask questions when you visit the shop for the first time.  A sign of a quality service provider is that they don’t start work until you understand exactly what it is that they will be completing.  A good service provider will fully explain what they intend to do and, more importantly, will keep you up to speed along the way so that you can trust that your car is safe in someone else’s hands.  

Quality dent repair shops are also transparent in their fees and skillsets.  The best shops work with multiple insurance providers, partner with other automotive resources, and connect you with knowledge that will help you to better understand your vehicle.  All of these things combined help to enhance the customer experience and make sure that you are completely satisfied with the services provided.  After all, you want to drive away knowing that your vehicle is ready for wherever the road may take you.  A professional will make sure this is the case.  

Your dent repair shop should also be highly experienced.  Dents come in all shapes and sizes.  Further, shops are required to know how to work with a broad range of materials and tools to get your car back to pristine condition.  Turn away if the shop isn’t fully licensed or if you don’t get a sense that the shop possesses the necessary skill to complete the job to your satisfaction.  Experienced professionals are committed to keeping their licenses up-to-date and making sure that they have the necessary skills to provide their services effectively.  

When looking for an experienced dent repair specialist, you should also investigate the shop’s reputation and their commitment to the customer.  Every shop has a tough client now and again, but you should be able to tell with relative ease based upon the formal feedback what others think of the business.  While it is important to make your own, independent decision, experienced dent repair specialists are marked by their commitment to customer feedback and are driven to continuously improve their services based upon the needs of their customers.  

At Dentless Touch, we believe that selecting a dent repair shop doesn’t have to be a difficult process.  In fact, you will know quality when you see it.  But when in doubt, look for professionalism, experience, and an unwavering commitment to the customer.  We’ve been upholding these tenants since 2009 and are proud to know that our customers have had meaningful and seamless service experiences for all of their dent repair needs.  




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